We create exceptional and exciting experiences to help our clients and audiences lead easier, richer, and more impactful lives. We bring a new design perspective through our diverse experiences and abilities. Our expertise in design thinking with education and social impact in mind has provided us the opportunity to work in a variety of industries from technology and startups to publishing.

Nüpolitan is natively bilingual and able to provide creative strategy and design to clients in English and Spanish speaking countries with ease. We work with clients around the world from our studio in West Fargo, North Dakota.

Ludvik Herrera

Designer + Partner

With over 25 years of experience, Ludvik has a passion for design, photography and fashion while creating exciting and discerning experiences for a better world.

Allison Pillar

Designer + Partner

A designer with passion for social activism and creating positive change, Allison has an eye for clean, functional, and well-intentioned design experiences.


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