Alice in Wonderland

The North Dakota Academy of Dance's winter recital was an all-genres production of Alice in Wonderland. Provided with a photo taken by Dreamcatcher Photography, we designed 11x17 flyers, tickets for the production, social media graphics, and a printed program.

Printed poster for advertisement around the FM Community

The owner of the studio and choreographers for the production wanted a non-traditional approach to the program, taking the audience on a journey following Alice through Wonderland rather than merely listing each piece. We chose to take a map approach and hand-sketched elements from the 1951 film to graphically represent each piece in the production. The cast list was printed as an insert so as not to detract from the flow of the “map”.

Sketches for program, each corresponding to a specific dance piece in the recital

Shading added digitally

Printed program with cast list insert