Ludvik Herrera

With over 25 years of experience, Ludvik has a passion for design, photography and fashion while creating exciting and discerning experiences for a better world.

Ludvik Herrera is a designer and creative director from Mexico who currently lives in West Fargo, ND, USA working with clients in the Upper Midwest, Silicon Valley, Mexico, and other countries. He also serves as design principal and partner at Natural Bridges Ventures, an innovation and global venture company based in Santa Cruz, California.

As designer and partner at Nüpolitan, an independent design firm and full-service studio, Ludvik brings over two decades of expertise in interactive design, information architecture, and human-centered design. His experiences and professional communications and marketing knowledge about the Hispanic and Latino community and culture provide a strong set of skills to any project. His work has received awards for the past two decades locally, regionally, and globally by several design competitions.

Ludvik was the catalyst for the creation of a design lab at North Dakota State University, IDeaspace where K-20 students collaborated with professional engineers, designers, developers and communicators to work on various projects, from mobile apps to community development.

He has spoken as an advocate of design, science, and education at SXSW Edu Conefernce, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, ND STEM Network Summit. He was a volunteer facilitator for the OpenIDEO design thinking platform, encouraging and creating positive impact through design and innovation, along with several college and professional presentations in Northa Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota encouraging divergent thinking and innovation.

In 1993, Ludvik began work with the Monterrey International Book Fair creating print collateral and interactive communications solutions. He then moved on to setting strategic information architecture in higher education website platforms. During the early 2000s, he worked on CRM and ERP systems designing UI/UX in two startup ventures in Silicon Valley. By 2007, he was brought to spearhead the development and implementation of the New Media and Digital Creative teams at PSA Mags. While in there, he integrated publishing, social media, and web application development in lifestyle, entertainment, and architecture publications.

Over the past five years, Ludvik has been a strong advocate of human-centered design and its impact by starting grassroots efforts to bring together the design community, inclusive of graphic designers, architects, engineers, and programmers in the North Dakota/Minnesota region with Made From C design collective.

Articles and Blog Posts by Ludvik

Mon, 13 Mar 2017

Minimal or Simple Design?

Designers have use these two concepts interchangeably. However, designers, including people like Massimo Vignelli, Starck, Rand, Ive, Stone, have demonstrated that what we’re after is intuitive minimalism.

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