Why we do it

As Nüpolitan designers and citizens of the world, we have a responsibility to:


We are responsible for the work that we put into the world and know that our actions have the power to help or hurt others. Our responsibility to society goes beyond “do no harm” and we judge the value of our work based on its impact on our community and the environment above all else. We are committed to recognizing our privilege, listening, and making room at the table for those who may be silenced or marginalized. In all that we do, we strive to be endlessly honest, authentic, and transparent.


We are part of a professional community of designers and recognize that the way we do our job, price our work, and interact with clients affects everyone in that community. We believe in working with integrity and excellence in an effort to elevate design for all. Doing great work is more than the work itself and extends to respect, fairness, and not working at the expense of others. Through inclusive design, we seek to build and grow the community through rather than divide it.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in approaching each challenge with a beginner’s mindset, welcoming questions and criticism and working to continually improve. We ask questions and answer those questions with action, acknowledging that asking why we are designing something is important before considering how we can design it. Embracing failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, we are bold in our work and design approach.

The Environment

As human beings, we are all obligated to do our best to leave this planet in better shape than we found it. We believe designers have the potential to have incredible impact on the world and the effect we may have is a key consideration in our work. The work we bring into this world will outlive us and through our sustainability practices and strategic partnerships, we work to not only minimize the harm we may cause, but have positive impact where possible.

Asking insightful questions to discover the true need is essential to our design process. Then, with our four key responsibilities in mind, we work toward a solution, considering what materials, shape, and form will have the greatest positive impact.