Who we are

At Nüpolitan, we bring a new design perspective through our diverse experiences and abilities and create exceptional and exciting experiences to help our clients and audiences lead easier, richer, and more impactful lives.

Man smiling with medium dark hair wearing glasses and a black polo

Ludvik Herrera

Over 25 years of design and photography have enriched Ludvik’s acuity for data visualization and creative direction. He has spoken about design thinking at global events including SXSW and WMC. Currently, Ludvik is focused on circular design to help sustainable practices.

Woman with short, blonde hair wearing glasses and a floral patterned black shirt smiling softly.

Allison Pillar

Since 2011, Allison has been combining graphic design with hand-lettering and textile design to create human-centered design solutions. Her passion for education has led her to work with community organizations to promote and educate about design as a force for good.