White Impact Institute icon over blue topography lines on a white background

Impact Institute

Over the course of 12 months of working with Impact Institute on a variety of projects spanning design for print and web, we built a robust design system and guidelines for the organization to utilize and to guide the future of the organization.

We refined their existing logo mark and more thoroughly defined rules for its usage. Although the organization had a loose color palette when we began working with them, we solidified the organization’s color scheme and strategy, expanding it to be comprehensive of print and web color codes.

Impact Institute logo laid out on a grid and displayed in different variations of red and blue color arrangements
Impact brand guideline manual open to FundingLogic color scheme page
Impact Institute brand guideline manual stacked on bookcase next to small, colorful magazines and white bins
Close-up of Impact Institute brand guideline manual stacked on bookcase next to small, colorful magazines and white bins

We designed a type strategy and layout grids for greater cohesion across all printed materials created for and distributed to Impact’s member organizations. Throughout the creation of various worksheets, articles, and printed packets, a library of iconography was created to reflect the organization’s activities and goals.

Hand-drawn illustrations and patterns bring a lightness and fun to the more traditional nature of their existing color palette.

Impact Institute brand guideline manual open to spread with large white quote on the left page and typography on the right
Page from Impact Institute brand guideline manual outlining iconography designed for worksheets and materials

We designed bright and engaging business cards and letterhead as well as a series of postcards and posters featuring impactful and inspiring messaging written by the Institute.

Isometric view of letterhead, envelopes, and business card for Impact Institute
Stack of yellow postcards and scattered red, aqua, and dark blue square business cards on a white surface
Stack of yellow postcards sitting on and red, aqua, and dark blue square leaning up against a white surface
Aqua, red, and dark blue postcards and square business cards arranged on a white surface
Dark blue, yellow, red, and aqua posters with quotes hanging in frames on a white wall

Illustrations and floods of color were integrated into a series of images and banners for use on social media and in a refresh of the organization’s existing Wordpress site.

Social media banners with illustrated patterns and the Impact Institute icon on them
Social media banners in green, orange, purple, blue, and yellow for Impact FundingLogic
Mockup of iPhone and iPad displaying Impact Institute FundingLogic Shopify site
Macbook mockup displaying homepage of pathtoimpact.org

The client described themselves as modern, refined, energetic, innovative, and welcoming. Based on the organization’s ethos and the project’s objectives, the supplementary materials, colors, typography choices, and stationery to accompany their existing logotype were created to be:

  • Big
  • Futuristic
  • Vibrant
  • Refined
  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Modern
  • Methodical
  • Elegant
  • Timeless


  • Formal
  • Traditional
  • Serious