2017 A Year for Nü Resolutions in black with rotating colored words

2017 Nu Year Calendar

To begin the new 2017 year, we created a calendar full of color to spark curiosity and create energy for our friends, peers, and clients. The calendar was sent via email as a downloadable file for desktop or print along with a greeting of good wishes for an exciting new year full of possibilities.

Sketchbook containing calendar sketch concepts

The careful selection of invigorating and inspiring words that translated in motivating short sentences took us longer than we expected, as distilling ideas often do.

Sketches for calendar concepts
Hand-written text on white page for calendar messaging concepts

Iterating sketches and phrases

Knowing the recipients would likely be printing the calendar on inkjet printers at home, we provided a more eco-friendly and ink-conserving option in addition to the full-color version for print.

The printable calendar files also included illustrated instructions to create a simple, easy-to-fold stand for an alternative way to display the calendar.

Two Jan calendar pages, one all white with blue lettering and one with blue background and white lettering
Grid of 12 months of calendar with white backgrounds and colorful month names

The printable calendar in full color and less-ink formats

Mockup of Letter size printable calendar pages and stand instructions

Calendar and foldable stand instructions formatted for easy at-home printing.

Light blue January calendar page leaning in stand on yellow bookcase in front of magazines

Printed calendar with foldable stand

Screen capture of email next to iMac mockup of email with black header image and text

Layout of the email

January desktop background in light blue on macbook

The desktop version was available in light and dark color themes. (light set shown)