Mockup of iPad displaying Giving Hearts Day donation UI

Giving Hearts Day: Donation UI/UX

We collaborated with Object Partners, Inc. to revise and improve the UI/UX of DMF's existing donation platform used on Giving Hearts Day. Through exploration with the client, we discovered areas of the site that needed to be more intuitive and designed solutions to make the donation process easier for those interacting with the platform during the day of giving.

We redesigned interfaces to visually connect the existing platform to the newly created one-page site as well as reconfigured said interfaces to reflect industry standards and best practices for UI/UX.

Orange, pink, and yellow post-it notes on a tan paper pad outlining user experience flow

Mapping the user journey

Animation of project listing UI
Animation of pop-up window UI
Sketch of buttons and UI elements for Giving Hearts Day donation site
Animation of pop-up window UI on Giving Hearts Day donation site homepage
Screen captures of each step of donation process

The donation process from start to finish

Close-up of laptop screen displaying live counter of donors on Giving Hearts Day

A real-time counter displayed the running total of donors throughout the day of giving.

Mockup of old Giving Hearts Day donation site UI on iMac
Mockup of revised, newly-designed Giving Hearts Day donation site UI on iMac

Comparison: Before & After