Transitions written in half pink and half lime green atop a pink and white background above a button mockup


When the North Dakota State University Women and Gender Studies Department booked Janet Mock as their keynote speaker to kick off a regional conference hosted in Fargo, they needed to advertise in a way that would highlight Mock's vibrant and passionate energy. Mock, a writer and transgender rights activist, spoke on the topic of transitions in a time of political turmoil. The event was held as a Q&A with audience participation followed by a book-signing where attendees could meet Mock. The edginess and rawness with which Janet Mock writes, speaks, and advocates were conveyed through our use of bright colors that invoke the passion and grit of the Riot grrrl movement while still feeling relevant to today.

Sketchbook of design concepts next to a white camera and white cards atop a black gridded surface

Sketches and notes from meeting with the client

A woman's hand sketching illustrative details on an iPad
A hand holding an iPhone displaying a Facebook event with pink and green cover photo

Digital graphics for Facebook event and Eventbrite pages were created

Black, pink, and white transformation poster plastered repeatedly on a city wall above graffiti
Close-up of two pink and black pins atop a pink, lime green, and black poster
A closed, printed brochure next to an open brochure both in pink, black, and white on a lime green and white background

A program was designed to accompany the poster for use at the conference following the event.