Stacks of red postcard and square business card displaying CLLA logomark sitting on blocks of stone

CLLA Branding + Website

While Craig of Craig Landscape Architects (CLLA) has been practicing landscape architecture for decades, his brand, messaging, and efforts to market himself were in need of growth.

We worked with Craig to define and articulate his mission, values, and messaging—developing copy for his new website and accompanying collateral materials. In a series of conversations, we discovered the aspects of Craig’s work and approach that make him stand out in his field. The messaging we wrote and curated grew out of his focus on relationship building, out-of-the-box thinking, and dedication to the vocation.

Pen and notepad displaying written content for website copy on white desk
Close-up of notepad displaying site structure for CLLA website
Presentation of logomark options for CLLA laid out in a grid formation

Craig came to us initially with a recycled logo from employment at a previous firm, wanting to take his brand in a more modern and flexible direction while maintaining the familiar “C” element. After exploration into his organization’s ethos, we created an atomic design system with as much flexibility and character as Craig brings to his work.

Animation of elements that make up CLLA logomark
White board covered in printed logo concepts and colorful post-it notes used in ideation
Logo concepts printed on letter paper and taped to a white board with blue post-its stuck on the papers
Post-it notes on a whiteboard listing keywords, attributes, and values gathered in the discovery phase
Brand manual page displaying logo laid out on a grid
Red, black, tan, gray, blue, and green square business cards displaying CLLA logomark leaning up against stacks of stone
Box of red, branded, square business cards displaying the CLLA logomark sitting atop a stack of stone tiles
Mockup of red-orange, gray, tan, green, and blue square CLLA branded business cards displaying the logomark

We built a color palette that pays homage to natural elements used in landscape architecture. The system also includes custom illustrations based on some of Craig’s drawings and plans.

Woman working on the computer looking at the CLLA color scheme on the screen with Pantone color swatch books on her desk
Man's hands drawing shrubs in architectural style and two boxes of markers on the table
A single page of the brand identity manual displaying the CLLA color scheme
Paper showing sketches of bushes with a pen and pencil nearby
Iconography of six different styles of shrubs designed as part of CLLA's atomic design system
Sketches of greenery, trees, and shrubs with touches of green and tan to resemble architectural shading

The CLLA logomark is designed for adaptation based on its usage - utilizing different colors and styles depending on the application and presentation. Collateral for promotion and custom stationery uses atoms of the CLLA design system to display a cohesive message.

A brand identity manual page displaying two postcard designs and round stickers bearing variations of the CLLA logomark
Branded CLLA logomark round stickers and assorted drawing tools on wood table
Stack of designed postcards displaying CLLA logomark and brief description of company sitting on stone near plant
Red, CLLA-branded and box of square business cards next to rolled blueprints on a black gridded mat
Red postcard displaying CLLA logomark nestled in a green, potted fern
Brand manual displaying typography for CLLA brand identity system next to rolled blueprints on a black gridded mat
Green, red-orange, and black versions of CLLA branded letterhead

With no existing web presence, the CLLA website was created to give Craig a digital platform for information and promotion, highlighting some of his past projects and informing current and potential clients about his values and philosophy.

Mockup of two browser windows displaying the first screen of the CLLA website homepage and about page
Isometric view of iPad screens showing various screenshots of the CLLA website
Screenshot of About and Contact pages on CLLA website displaying illustrations and information about the company
Screenshot of a single project page on CLLA website displaying details about the design of the Stagecoach Park
Photo grid of of blueprint rolls, markers, office plants, and a man sitting at a desk working on a computer